January 3rd, 2023 - January 29th, 2023

Currents Gallery Presents: “Gourd, Basket & Collage Show”

The artists at Currents Gallery in McMinnville are excited to feature this first ever “Gourd, Basket & Collage Show” coming in January. We have found amazing artists who work in these mediums and have submitted their original work for jury consideration. Our guest jurors, experts in their own right, juried each piece on its overall artistry, originality and workmanship. We owe a debt of gratitude to gourd juror, Reetsie Fuller; basket juror, Nancy Kiltz; and collage juror, Sharon Cook for the beauty and coordination of the diverse artwork you will see on display during the entire month of January. Join us for the Opening Reception, and to meet the artists during the weekend beginning January 6th. Watch for actual dates and times.