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Distaff Wine Co.

Distaff Wine Co. is the passion of the O’Reilly women, who have spent the majority of their lives in the wine industry. As a team of mom and 4 sisters, they use their winery to share their stories, to highlight & support women in all industries, and to bring a fresh approach to the wine industry. Nurtured in sustainable vineyards and wineries, they create wine that embodies farm to table.Our tasting room is located in the Newberg Airpark in an old airplane hangar. Transformed into an inviting, fun space with unique murals and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains!The only wines available to ship is our NOMEN line of environmentally friendly wines packaged in unique PET plastic lightweight bottles. These bottles are also 90% lighter than glass bottles, recyclable, and account for 77% less greenhouse gas emissions. Lightweight and shatterproof, they travel well and inexpensively! Meant for everyday consumption and ship free to your door.Distaff wines are in glass bottles and each tell a unique story. The best way to hear a story is in person so these wines are only sold in the tasting room so that we can tell you about them! Plus by not shipping glass, we are cutting down our carbon footprint by 77%. Fun varietals including Cinsaut and BLAUFRANKISCH. Both Distaff and Nomen wines are sold in the tasting room.