May 15th, 2020

11 Virtual Backgrounds from McMinnville’s Backyard

Even as McMinnville takes our first baby steps toward re-opening, many folks will continue to work and play from home.  This means that meetings and meet-ups will continue to take place via Zoom.  So, why not download one (or all) of these backgrounds to keep things interesting?  

These backgrounds are great for the following reasons:

  • They are the perfect conversation starter for those group meet-ups where no one is sure who should be initiating the conversation.
  • They hide your messy house!  There is no longer any reason to frantically clean the (narrow) line of sight that lurks behind you for all to see.
  • It reduces the chance that a half-naked family member will be seen walking behind you during a call.  Once the background is in place, others have to get pretty aggressive to get into the picture.
  • And finally, all giggles aside, the most important reason is that these photos inspire our friends and family members from out of town to dream about visiting us in McMinnville when the time is right.

Not sure how to download these backgrounds?  Simply right click on your chosen background, scroll down to “save image as”, and choose your title and location of where you’d like to find the image once you’re ready to use it.  For instructions on how to apply the new Zoom virtual background, click here.