September 18th, 2020

Downtown McMinnville Welcomes Beaux Frères

Though Third Street in Downtown McMinnville is always busy with people, activity and events,  the brick and mortar businesses that are planted downtown provide a steady backdrop.  So when someone new comes to town, it’s big news!  

This year, there has been a flurry of activity, including the opening of Two Dogs Taphouse, the relocation of Hopscotch Toys to Third Street, and the announcement of Bierly Brewing moving in this winter. Now there’s yet another new kid on the street albeit for a limited time only; you can visit Beaux Frères at their  satellite tasting room this fall.  

Guests of Beaux Frères will be keeping the seats warm during harvest season.
Photo courtesy of Evan Martin, Martin Woods Winery

The tasting room is located in the former Deluxe Tavern, 711 SE 3rd Street, which has been fully remodeled and is the future home of Martin Woods Winery’s new vinyl wine bar, HiFi, set to open Spring of  2021.  Beaux Frères hosted a soft opening on September 11th and will be hosting guests through the end of October, or until harvest is complete.  

They made the decision to move their tasting room to an off-site location, temporarily closing its facility to guests in order to create a pandemic-protected bubble around its production crew during the harvest months. “We take great pride in getting to share [the harvest] experience with our guests…” says Mikey D. Etzel, second-generation winemaker at Beaux Frères. “It will certainly be a vintage for the history books, and we hope this satellite tasting room will be a memorable part of it, both for our long-time supporters as well as the folks who will maybe get a chance to try our wines for the first time.”

Visitors can expect an experience that artfully blends the old with the new, sipping from the limited library of older vintages (some dating back to their earliest years), while enjoying a real-time, digitally delivered experience of the harvest at the winery, from the sleek and modern setting of HiFi.  

Beaux Frères can host up to three groups of guests at a time while still adhering to the social distance guidelines, and will also be offering a food pairing component featuring locally crafted cheese and baguette.

Don’t miss your chance to visit Beaux Frères at HiFi (make a reservation on their website), and while you’re at it, wander down Third Street for an entire afternoon of idyllic autumnal reverie.  

About the Author: Jamie Corff is the Marketing Coordinator for Visit McMinnville. It’s common to find her enjoying the arts in the form of theater, music, and the written word. She is also a passionate cheerleader for her beloved Downtown McMinnville and the people and businesses that are integral to its vibrancy.