June 7th, 2024

Downtown McMinnville Farmers Market: Take it home with you

A woman smiles, standing under a canopy behind tables arranged in an L shape.  On the tables are displays of art and jewelry.

The Downtown McMinnville’s Farmers Market is back in season, bringing locally grown fruit and vegetables and a variety of handmade gifts, art, and items for the home. The market is held every Thursday from May 16 – October 17, 11:30 am – 5:30 pm, spanning the blocks of 1st and Cowls Streets.

While locals may hit up the market as a first stop on the grocery shopping trip, visitors would do well to shop for travel-friendly gift items, such as locally made jewelry, artisanal treats, and other goodies to bring home as souvenirs. 

With more than 60 vendors offering a variety of items for sale at every price point, there’s something for everyone here. So if you’re shopping for handspun yarn, small batch chocolates, flower bouquets, art prints from local artists, the Downtown McMinnville Farmers Market is an unbeatable shopping excursion. And be sure to hit the food trucks for shopping fuel.

One featured booth is Land & Sea Studios, which offers beautiful art prints of various sizes, jewelry, books written by a local author, and more. Land & Sea offers free shipping on their art pieces. 

Two smiling men stand underneath a tent canopy behind a table with a yellow and white table cloth.  They have displays of jars of honey and a bouquet of lavender.

Oregon Cream Honey sells honey by the jar, perfect for slathering on your morning toast, or adding to your next waffle breakfast. Don’t miss Alchemist’s Jam for delicious jars to take home, with enticing flavors such as Peach Vanilla Nutmeg and Strawberry Lemon Ginger. 

A smiling woman stands beneath a tent canopy in behind a table with a black tablecloth.  There is an array of spirits on top of the table.

Ewing Young Distillery and Westward Whiskey Distillery are conveniently located near each other, as well as near Urban River Spirits, which offers mixers and syrups perfect to mix with your whiskey or sparkling water. 

Shop Cally’s Ceramics for handmade functional pottery. These pottery items aren’t your everyday cups and bowls. Choose from a variety of uniquely glazed pieces and take home something that is sure to become your new favorite coffee mug. 

House of Spain Wellness offers bath and body products such as teas, tinctures, gummies, and salves that are centered around CBD and functional mushroom ingredients. Mother Nature’s Botanicals offers organic hair and skin care, including pet products like shampoo and hot-spot treatments. 

Other travel-friendly finds include jars of pickled produce, cheese, art prints, small-batch granola, goat milk soaps, bags of locally roasted coffee, tie-dyed clothing, jewelry, and so much more. 

If you’re visiting from out of town, many vendors will ship your purchases to you at home, so a reminder of your visit to McMinnville can greet you at your front door. 

A woman with long brown hair smiles.

Erin Hall (she/her) is a reader, writer, bookseller, and vegan nacho enthusiast. She’s the author of the Detective Molly Malone series, which begins with her debut novel, Dear Sylvia, Love Jane. Erin has a Master of Arts in writing and publishing through Portland State University’s Ooligan Press (2008). She serves on the board of Gather Repertory Theatre and the Oregon Humanities Programs Advisory Committee, and is an active member of The Oregon Historical Society and Willamette Writers. Erin has taught fiction and memoir writing classes in the Yamhill Valley and always wants to know what books you’re reading. She lives and writes on ancestral Kalapuya land.