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Tiny Travels: McMinnville’s Granary District is hangout heaven

You could spend a whole day in McMinnville’s Granary District and not see all there is to see or do all there is to do. The emerging neighborhood just north of McMinnville’s historic 3rd Street has a different flair for fun, one that pairs revamped industrial spaces with modern-day hangout spots in a working neighborhood.

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Chef Rebecca Clarke visits Pablo Munoz Farms' booth at the Downtown McMinnville Farmers Market.

A Farmers Market Tour – À la Chef Rebecca Clarke

From fresh produce to some of the world’s finest wines, to most of the world’s hazelnuts, McMinnville and its surrounding areas have plenty to boast about in terms of agricultural offerings. Our people, perhaps our greatest resource, are experts at turning those offerings into an experience.

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Tiny Travels: Reset in Oregon wine country with a spa day

You don’t need a news report to guess this news — just look at everyone’s hair this past year. Personal grooming was down from 41 minutes to 36 minutes per day, according to the new American Time Use Survey. By our calculations, if you’re going to catch up on all that lost time not spent caring for yourself, you’ve got some work to do! Luckily, McMinnville is a great place to get a fresh look and feel in a fresh place.

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UFOFest Returns

McMenamins’ Hotel Oregon’s UFO Festival returns to McMinnville this fall with something very special — unprecedented, even.

The UFOs are real.

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Food Truck frenzy: 13 McMinnville food trucks not to miss

For being a small city, McMinnville has a robust food truck scene. Pizza, steamed bao buns, loaded falafel, birria, barbecue, and sushi, the carts scattered around town offer dishes as delicious as those in sit-down restaurants. While food trucks in Portland and Salem are mostly clustered in dedicated food truck pods, those in McMinnville are a little more dispersed. Tucked into business district parking lots and popping up at nearby wineries, here’s what you’ll find if you seek them out.

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Tiny Travels: Capture that Summer feeling of expansiveness at McMinnville-area tasting rooms

Summer is all about spreading out after being spread thin for so long, and if you’re feeling a new sense of expansiveness, you’re not alone. At many tasting rooms, gone are the days of saddling up to the counter and trying to get the attention of a busy tasting room employee for your next pour. When you go wine tasting now, you are almost guaranteed to have an experience that feels, dare I say, civilized.

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