McMinnville Named a Sunset Magazine Best Travel Destination

McMinnville is a “Willamette Valley Must!”  According to Sunset Magazine: “This small agricultural community has responded to the Pinot Noir–driven tourist boom, and now you hardly need to leave its limits to experience the valley’s riches. Downtown, on picturesque Third Street, you’ll find 19th-century brick buildings housing restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and boutiques, as well…

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NY Times: Chardonnay, the Oregon Way

“After years of focusing primarily on pinot noir, winemakers in the Willamette Valley have turned their attention to chardonnay with excellent results.” Read the full article by Eric Asimov on and plan your trip to the heart of Oregon wine country here.

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Tiny Travels: Gluten-free dining options abound in McMinnville

Traveling while gluten-free: It’s not a crime, but it can certainly feel punitive if you’re in the wrong destination. But it doesn’t have to be this way, especially if the place is McMinnville, a town where farm and foodie culture mingle to great results. I’ve been living the gluten-free lifestyle for five years now and…

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Oregon Wine Press: Atticus Unveiled

“Oregon wine country’s newest hotel, the Atticus, officially opened April 1. The 36-room luxury lifestyle hotel is set just off of historic Third Street in downtown McMinnville on the corner of Ford and Fourth streets. Fit with a hidden drawing room, original art and furnishings from local makers, plus a house restaurant in Bless Your…

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Patience, Patience (or) Spring on the Farm

Every day beginning about the first of March starts with us farmers obsessively checking the weather forecast, trying to strategize about when we might be able get into the field & plant. We make lots of lists and over-ambitious plans. We re-write them for the tenth time when it decides to snow on a random…

Read Article The Best Towns in America to Visit UFOs

“You know those grainy black-and-white pictures you see on B-rolls of every TV show you’ve ever seen about flying saucers? There’s a good chance those photos came from McMinnville, a small town in the heart of Oregon wine country that’s known just as well for its UFOs as its pinot noir.” Check out the full…

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