A wicker basket is full with gift items such as sourdough crackers and hummus from Collab Kitchen, Flag & Wire Coffee, Durant Olive Oil, Eola Crest Cattle Jerky, Bernards Farm Fire Roasted Hazelnuts, Free Wild She Grapefruit Bitters, Suzy's Chocolates, and Alchemist's Jam.

Made in McMinnville: Bring home all the goodies this weekend

McMinnville is a beloved destination for Pinot noir and other wines, but there are so many delicious things grown and produced here to eat as well. These local foods are the things we buy to treat ourselves, to stock our pantries, and to gift loved ones who live out of town. If you’re visiting from a drive away, hit up the farmers market for some fresh souvenirs. Flying home? Pack these in your suitcase.

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Thea Gahr poses in her art studio at the center of a hanging hoop.

Rooted in McMinnville: Linfield University’s Thea Gahr

Thea Gahr sits on a futon in her McMinnville art studio, a small one-room space. Some of her recent paintings remain on an easel. From the ceiling, an aerial hoop hangs in the middle of the room.

The hoop may be an apt metaphor for Thea’s explorations in life and art. She’s taken twists and turns, lived in different countries, and explored new forms of artistic expression. Like the hoop, the circle returned her home.

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Pura Vida chef and owner Ricardo Antunez stands in front of the restaurant bar.

Rooted in McMinnville: Ricardo Antúnez

Pura Vida Cocina has been around for seven years at its 313 NW Third St. location. It originally shared a storefront with a small art gallery, then eventually expanded to the full available space. Throughout that time, chef and owner, Ricardo Antúnez has developed a menu that delivers Central American foods with a style all his own.

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Outdoor entrance to Tequila grill. You can see signage requiring social distancing and mask requirements. In the background, you there's a large patio space with much tent cover.

Winter outdoor dining? We’re in!

As we begin to yearn for last summer’s epic outdoor dining scene, restaurants have responded by raising dining tents throughout McMinnville, putting a halt to our languishing and keeping the monotony of a COVID winter at bay.

Luckily, we Oregonians are of the hardy sort, and outdoor dining in the winter has become an adventure that we are willing to try out. Here are some places to enjoy a meal out this weekend.

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Three preteen girls surrounded by paper airplanes lie down, looking bored.

McMinnville Short Film Festival celebrates 10th year virtually

A well-made short film can pack as much punch as a 2-hour movie. So you should know that the McMinnville Short Film Festival draws near. They’ve gone virtual this year for their 10th anniversary. Starting Feb. 18 for ten days, you’ll have a virtual smorgasbord of 127 films to choose from.

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Rooted in McMinnville: Gallery Theater’s Cathy Willoughby

Two small floor lamps cast a lonely pool of light near the front of the Gallery Theater stage. No one has uttered lines from that spot since the cast of “Noises Off” shouted “BLACKOUT” on March 1.
Sitting high in this otherwise empty McMinnville auditorium nearly 11 months later, Cathy Willoughby looks down to the light and explains how a community theater group meets its mission when gathering actors on a stage and patrons in seats is not possible.

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