April 27th, 2016

Top Drinks in McMinnville That Aren’t Wine

There’s no question that McMinnville Oregon is a destination for wine lovers looking to situate themselves in the middle of Pinot noir paradise, but can one live on wine alone? (Answer: of course!) But, for those in need of a change of pace, McMinnville has some other top drinks that aren’t of the wine kind:

Craft Cocktails & Spirits: Tasting rooms aren’t just for wineries — distilleries like Ransom Spirits offer the opportunity to sample beautifully crafted liquors while getting the lowdown on how they’re made. If you crave even more complexity in your glass, try a new twist on pre-prohibition classic cocktails with locally-sourced ingredients at Thistle.

Beer: Ask any winemaker their off-duty drink of choice, and the unanimous refrain is “beer!” Lucky for them (and us), McMinnville has plenty of places to grab a pint, or two, or an entire growler fill. Oregon’s craft beer reputation is about as popular as our Oregon Pinot. You can find several breweries in McMinnville fermenting and flavoring with farm-grown hops into fresh brews made just steps away from the bar at Golden Valley Brewery and Heater Allen, or drink your way through exotic beer selections from a mile-long tap list at The Bitter Monk or Grain Station Brew Works. For those seeking the utmost convenient way to snag a beer with a basket of cajun tots, staying at Hotel Oregon means you can choose to head downstairs or upstairs from your room to the bar, whichever is closest.

Coffee: McMinnville boasts not one but two craft coffee roasters right in downtown to keep you buzzing. Go for the creative concoctions at Cornerstone Coffee and stay for the live music that goes on into the evening. For coffee connoisseurs, Flag & Wire offers a seasonally-changing selection of single-origin beans for adventurous palates. Whether you need your skinny extra hot triple shot latte in order to check your emails or you prefer to gulp-on-the-go, you’ll find several coffeehouses or drive-thru coffee stands in McMinnville to start your day.

Tea: Serious tea drinkers have already discovered that specialty teas can be enjoyed in much of the same way as fine wine can with all tea flavors being attributed to the four main types – white, black, green and oolong. You can discover your own favorite tea blend at the Velvet Monkey tea lounge and choose from over 50 different kinds, including medicinal and herbal blends that may kick that cough or stifle your sniffles.

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Craft Beverages in McMinnville Oregon