June 19th, 2017

Where Will You Be on August 21?

Eclipse Path McMinnville OregonOn the morning of August 21 at 10:20am, you’d better be ready for a trip to the dark side.  Oregon will be treated to a once in several-lifetimes event – a total solar eclipse.  During this rare event, the eclipse can be seen through the entirety of North America, which it will travel through in only 12 minutes.

The “path of totality”, or where the moon will completely block out the sun, is only 90 miles wide.  McMinnville sits within the path, making Oregon wine country an ideal viewing point.  During about a 4 minute period, the moon will pass in front of the sun, cause temperatures to drop, and there will be near-nighttime conditions so dark that stars will be visible.

Believe us on this one – this is NOT to be missed.  Although the eclipse will be visible anywhere within the path of totality, many visitors are seeking the perfect viewing spot.  Lucky you!  There are viewing parties, NASA speakers, and food and wine experiences happening all weekend long in McMinnville.

But wait!  Before we give out event information, there are things you should know to stay safe during this celestial party.

  1. Get there early! The powers that be are predicting a million or more extra travelers on the roads.  Don’t be stuck on the highway when the event occurs.
  2. Stock up on what fuels ya! Make sure to have food, water, cash, gas, and other essentials, as vendors and providers will be especially busy.
  3. Shield those peepers! Please trust us – DON’T look directly into the sun.  The total solar eclipse is only safely viewed with the naked eye for a few brief seconds when it is totally blocked.  Other than that, you’ll need viewing glasses.  Check out these safety precautions from NASA.
  4. All of the resources! Overwhelmed?  Don’t be!  Below is a list of helpful info resources:

Solar Eclipse Eclipse Overview from Travel Oregon

Know Before You Go

All About the Eclipse

Safety Tips



Now, on to the parties.  Happy Eclipse Day, all!

Eclipse Block Party (Aug 20)
A free, all-ages party with live music, kids activities, bbq oysters, street tacos, beer, and more.

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum Eclipse Event Weekend & Viewing Party
Hands on activities and presentations throughout the weekend, along with great local food and beverage.  On August 21, enjoy speakers from NASA and Rose City Astronomers, watch the eclipse, and check out the rest of the eclipse’s travel in the on-site IMAX theater!

Eclipse Viewing at Linfield College
Learn from a professor why eclipses are rare events, and see the total eclipse for yourself at this free event.

Coleman Vineyards Solar Sips
Join us for a vineyard campout along the Total Eclipse Path in the foothills south of McMinnville, Oregon! Get swag, great food, and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Solar Eclipse on the Garden Terrace at Elizabeth Chambers Cellars
Toast the 2017 Solar Eclipse! All guests will receive a complimentary glass of 2016 Pinot Gris to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event!

Solar Brunch at Vinum Ferus
Arrive early for delightful brunch and Vinum Ferus wine while sitting in the unique outdoor living room space created just for the celestial drama.

Goat Eclipse Overnight Campout Event
Join 35 very friendly goats in wine country for camping, local farm produce, barbecue, swimming and cowboy breakfast for the solar eclipse.  This is a fundraiser!

Eclipse Campout in the Lawrence Gallery Sculpture Gardens
Bring your tent or RV and enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity to view the total solar eclipse in the Lawrence Gallery sculpture gardens.

Eclipse Campout at the Bayou
Glamp in style!  Have your gear drop shipped, enjoy yoga & other fun events all weekend long along with cider and beer from the Craft Brewers’ Alliance!

This list will be updated as more events are added. Check back soon!