Difficulty: Moderate

McMinnville Muddy Valley Wine Ride

Named after the Muddy Creek that flows through the area, this route takes you into the heart of the McMinnville American Viticulture Area (AVA). Stop in at wineries like Maysara to learn their history, or just enjoy the slight hills (and views) of the rolling vineyards.

Ride Tips:

This 26-mile ride is fun. Start with a leisurely ride from downtown McMinnville on SW Second Street, tackle a few short hills on Youngberg Hill Road, and head for Muddy Valley where you will discover four miles of very smooth, rolling pavement. The views are pretty nice, too. Then return to town crossing Yamhill County farmland.

Navigation: Download this map to your Ride with GPS mobile app for turn-by-turn guidance during your ride. Click “Send to Device” at the top of the map on this page.

Start/Finish: The route begins at Tommy’s Bicycle Shop, 103 Baker St. Consider the nearby City Park as your staging area. Once the ride ends, food and drink are available on historic Third Street.

That Special Segment: Riders using Strava can test themselves on the 3.8-mile “Muddy Valley Rollers” segment.

Oases: Look for the Bellevue Country Store at the end of Muddy Valley Road for food, water, coffee, and drinks. Farmer John’s Produce has cold drinks, fresh fruit, and milk shakes at Oldsville Road and Highway 18.

Bathroom: Bellevue Country Store.

Cautions: The following locations deserve attention.
• Limited shoulders and visibility on some country roads.
• Crossing Highway 18 east at the Bellevue Country Store at mile 12.4.
• Crossing Highway 18 west at Delashmutt Lane at mile 17.8. Turn left on the highway and use the wide shoulder for a very short distance before turning right on Oldsville Road.

About this Route Evaluation: These notes are provided as general guidance and are not intended to replace each cyclist’s own research and due diligence. We encourage you to become familiar with the route. This route is subject to change.