Difficulty: Challenging

McMinnville Peavine Climb

Not for the faint of heart – but definitely for the lover of dramatic climbs and coastal mountain scenery. Expect some gravel and a big elevation gain in the first half of the ride, followed by a more flat trip through the heart of Oregon wine country in the second half of your 40 mile excursion.

Ride Tips:

Here’s a challenging route that takes advantage of some of Yamhill County’s most popular paved roads south of McMinnville on the way to forest gravel. This ride is for intermediate and experienced cyclists. There are more than 2,500 feet of climbing and almost all of it is on gravel.

Start/Finish: This ride starts and ends in downtown McMinnville, and opens with easy pavement riding on W Second Street and SW Hill Road. The gravel begins at the 5.6-mile mark on Peavine Road.

You Might Enjoy: Stop along Peavine and Gopher Valley roads and listen to the wilderness.

Navigation: Download this map to your Ride with GPS mobile app for turn-by-turn guidance during your ride. Click “Send to Device” at the top of the map on this page.

Road Surfaces: Gravel found during this route survey was small to medium in size. Gravel size and volume is subject to change based on motorized use and county road maintenance.
Bike and Tire Recommendation: Consider riding on 33-millimeter tires or wider. Narrow road bike tires are not recommended. Be sure to have proper gearing to climb grades as steep as 8 percent.

That Special Segment: Looking for a test? Riders using Strava can tackle a segment called “SW Peavine Rd Climb,” a 1.2-mile push uphill on pavement shortly before the gravel begins. There are 371 feet of elevation gain with a 5.7% average grade, a category 4 hill.
Caution: There are no road shoulders on the paved section of Peavine Road, and curves create a potential danger zone on the last 4 miles before the gravel begins. Take caution. Consider wearing bright clothes and using a taillight.

Oasis/Bathrooms: There are limited services on this route. If you need food, water, or a bathroom, consider a downtown McMinnville business. The Bellevue Country Store is a pleasant detour at the 27.6-mile mark. Turn right on Muddy Valley Road instead of left and follow the curve for a quarter mile to the store.

Carry Safety and Repair Equipment: This route is off the grid at times. There are miles without cell phone coverage so consider carrying a satellite communications device, a first aid kit, water filtration, and spare tire tubes.

About this Route Evaluation: These notes are provided as general guidance but are not intended to replace each cyclist’s own research and due diligence. We encourage you to become familiar with the route. This route is subject to change.