January 1st, 2016

McMinnville is an Awesome Cycling Destination

We’re definitely not the only ones who think road cycling around Oregon wine country for a weekend in McMinnville is pretty awesome. The Cycle Oregon blog rolls through McMinnville, Oregon for a weekend in wine country and tells you why multiple visits are looking to be all but mandatory.

“McMinnville and the surrounding area is a great place to ride a bike. This isn’t news to the many who flock to the area every weekend for a little two-wheeled exploration of this glorious region…there are plenty of places a cyclist might want to visit in McMinnville. A lot of the action takes place on or around Third Street. In fact, there are so many wine bars and restaurants that McMinnville was named one of the six best small towns for food lovers by Bon Appétit Magazine in 2010…If you feel like making your own weekend trip to McMinnville, the McMenamins Hotel Oregon is both bike- and pet-friendly, and it’s right in the middle of town. Tommy’s Bicycle Shop, which opened in 1949, is also in the middle of town. Not only is Tommy’s a great shop, but it also has a nice list of local rides on its website…” – Read the article here