February 3rd, 2024

A Ritual Cacao Ceremony & Slow Yoga Experience

Join us on a path to self-discovery and soul restoration.

During the first hour, Boho Yoga Owner Lesley Ramā will take participants through a very special Slow Yoga class at Boho Yoga.

Following yoga, you will walk one short block to Olive & Vine Guesthouse where storyteller and ritualist Maggie Battista will guide you through a 2-hour Soul Cacao Ceremony and meditative journey to hear vital messages from your soul.

During ceremony, you will drink a cup of Ceremonial Cacao, a heart-opening 100% pure plant medicine that connects you with the heart of the earth to foster healing and transformation.

Maggie will share stories of magic from her own journey and lead you through a meditative journey to connect within, during which you’ll receive messages from your soul, passed loved ones, and ancestors.

You will leave the experience prepared to—

  • Say ‘yes’ to your transformation and trust the magic of your own life
  • Take your best next steps as guided by your own soul
  • Repeat the foundational movements & breath work you experienced in your Slow Yoga class
  • Recreate your own Cacao practice at home with your own Cacao cup and a serving of ceremonial Cacao—the cups are made by Harun Eggleton exclusively for this ceremony and your practice
  • Design your own altar at home to support your expansion

This session is designed for creatives, visionaries, healers, and all sweet souls who may be moving through transformation, wrestling with uncertainty, considering a life transition, and wishing to detect the voice of their soul from all the voices within.

Come dressed comfortably for yoga and with a journal and writing instrument for the ceremony. Though Olive & Vine will be set up for coziness, you may bring a special blanket, eye mask, or meditation pillow. An altar will be designed for our Ceremony; feel free to bring a crystal or sacred object to be infused by the energy of the altar.

Every guest will take home their very own handmade Cacao mug–made by local ceramicist, Harun Eggleton–and a ceremonial serving of Cacao.

Learn more about Maggie here: https://www.maggiebattista.com/ | IG: @mizmaggieb
Learn more about Lesley here: https://bohoyogastudio.com/ | IG: @bohoyogastudio & @lesleyramayoga