July 26th, 2024 - August 11th, 2024

Gallery Theater One-Acts: Trifles & Fool For Love

Gallery Theater Presents a night of one-act plays
July 26-August 11

Trifles by Susan Glasspell

Directed by Marla Nuttman

An investigation is about to start at the Wright’s deserted farmhouse, for it is in this place that John Wright has been murdered apparently through strangulation with a rope. The primary suspect of this horrendous crime is his wife. Sheriff Peters, the county attorney, and Mr Hale, a nearby farmer, are the ones in charge of the investigation. They ransack the house for any clues. However, the real investigators turn out to be Mrs Peters and Mrs Hale.


Fool For Love by Sam Shepard

Directed by Lance Nuttman

 Through searing truth and dark humor, Fool for Love shows the story of two people who just can’t live without each other whether they like it or not. May is hiding out at an old motel in the Mojave Desert. Eddie, an old flame and childhood friend, finds her there and threatens to drag her back into the life from which she had fled. Reality and dream; truth and lies; past and present mingle in an explosive, emotional experience.