March 22nd, 2024 - April 7th, 2024

Gallery Theater Presents: Romeo and Juliet Choose Your Own Ending

Romeo and Juliet
Choose Your Own Ending

March 22-April 7

By Shawn Fraistat, Ann Fraistat
Directed by John Hamilton

What if Romeo had stayed helplessly in love with Rosaline instead of Juliet? Or if Mercutio and Tybalt hadn’t died…but had gotten together instead? In this Shakespearean take on the “Choose Your Own Ending” model, the audience casts votes throughout the performance to determine which course true love will take; ultimately deciding whether everybody lives or everybody dies. With eight dramatically different possible endings, this isn’t the tale of star-crossed lovers that you read in high school. An irreverent, madcap reimagining of Shakespeare’s most beloved romance.