June 21st, 2024 - June 23rd, 2024

Gallery Theater Presents: The Other Room and The Zoo Story

Gallery Theater presents a Kaleidoscope production of two one-act plays, The Other Room and The Zoo Story, from June 21 to 23, 2024.

The Zoo Story by Edward Albee
Directed by Emily Matsuda

 To escape his wife, two daughters and two parakeets Peter sits on a bench in Central Park, reading and thinking. Jerry joins him, having just been to the zoo. He draws the unwilling Peter into conversation and extracts information from him. In return Jerry supplies Peter with a curious medley of information about his wanderings in New York. The outcome of the meeting is a willing death for one of them.

The Other Room by Ariadne Blayde
Directed by Soren Smithrud

Austin is a brilliant teenage astronomer who happens to have autism. Lily is his popular classmate who happens to have an interest in astronomy. When a chance encounter after school leads to a growing connection between them, Austin’s imagination, intelligence, and constant struggles to connect with the world are revealed in the form of four characters representing his inner life. By turns funny and heartbreaking, The Other Room is a compelling and sensitive glimpse into a unique and misunderstood mind.